Pebblar has two parts
  • Desktop web interface to plan your itinerary;
  • iOS & Android app and / or PDF print out to access your itinerary on-the-go
You can create your itinerary in 3 simple steps:
  1. Add your list of cities / towns (e.g. Paris, London, Tokyo etc)

  2. Under each city tier, add your list of city “places” (e.g. airport, hotels, restaurants, office building, places of interest etc)

    Hero image width laptop and mobile mockup
  3. When you are ready, add dates to the cities and city places

    Hero image width laptop and mobile mockup
And you are done! Preview your itinerary, print it out on PDF or see it on the pebblar app!
  1. In the “add place / notes” field: type -> press ENTER.

  2. For examples with Airbnb stays, you can add “Airbnb” then add the actual address in the “+ address” field.

Because everyone has their own way of categorizing their places and idea, you can create different color labels and assign different color to your saved itinerary places!

You can add website links in the place notes field

Yes, you can:
  1. Add city and add place or event on map (e.g.shops, restaurants, hotels, sights..etc)

    Add City Image Add Place Image
  2. Date the newly added places to your itinerary

  3. Add or edit notes and pictures

Insert image of city map screen highlighting the “add” button However, you cannot add new cities on the app, yet.
All new users are entitled to 1 month of free trial. At the end of the trial period, you will continue to have access to all your itineraries. If you only want to view the itineraries, then you don't need to pay anything. If you would like to continue to make edits to your itinerary or create a new one, you will be prompted to pay. You have 2 payment options:
  1. pay US$10 per itinerary which will entitle you to full editing power for that particular itinerary for unlimited amount of time; or
  2. pay US$9.95 per month which will entitle you to create and edit as many itineraries as you would like until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Once you cancel your subscription, you will lose editing power.
It is free for invited trip buddies to view the itinerary. If they would like to collaborate and make edits to the itinerary, they would need to pay (once their free trial period is over).