Happy New Year 2019

A belated happy new year everyone!

We hope everyone had a good break over Christmas. We had an awesome Christmas having reached our first major milestone – we made our first revenue! A huge thanks to our first set of paying users. Your endorsement really means the world to us.

Now, our second exciting announcement – we have just released a significantly upgraded iOS app with these following new functions:

a. Itinerary Map View (can be found under “Tools”)


b. Local language addresses for the most popular Asian regions including Tokyo, Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand, so you don’t need to look them up separately when you are on the trip!

c. An “Enlarge” address button so you can show the address to drivers   

d. A download button to download your itinerary including all photos and documents for offline access

Many of these functions were suggested by you (our users) and we have been quietly working on them behind the scenes. Now they are finally here, we are dying to hear what everyone thinks.

Lastly, with our near-term planned upgrades completed for our iOS app, we are going full-steam ahead on our Android app which hopefully won’t be too long now. For all our Android users, thank you for your patience.

Until next time,