We are back

We are back – with a major development update!

Okay, so we’ve been really quiet on the blog front for the last half year. This is because we’ve been super busy delivering our commercial platform!

In late August we “graduated” from our prototype and launched our commercial platform – super exciting(!!!) but also super stressful and busy for the team.

Our new user interface is the result of two years of accumulated learnings including feedbacks and suggestions from many of you. So, I want to take this moment to thank all of our early adopters (you know who you are!).

We have rebuilt our entire platform from the grounds-up with new advanced functions including color-categorising and pro-quality PDF.

Now, we had to find a way to eventually make pebblar financially self-sustaining. There are two general approaches to this being either to (1) provide the platform for free to users but charge third parties to access our users and advertise on our platform; or (2) charge our users a small fee directly with no third parties involved. Given our belief that data security is really important in today’s world and that our users should feel that their data is safe when creating their itineraries, we naturally defaulted to option (2).

After many conversations with our power users, we decided on a super simple pricing structure to address different use-cases:

US$10 per itinerary (suitable for casual travelers who like to plan ahead in detail)

US$9.95 per month for unlimited number of itineraries (suitable for frequent travelers or business purpose users)

The launch of our commercial platform marks the beginning of our journey. We still have much to learn from our users and many new features to deliver. So, bear with us and stay tuned! 😊