Plan your own unique itinerary as detailed as you’d like.

The collaborative travel planning platform that brings everyone together to visualize their trip and collaborate in real-time

Collaborative map-based itinerary creator

Everyone in one visual workspace to map and create your next itinerary
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Are you using Word or Excel to plan itineraries?

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Are you looking for a tool to map customized events and addresses?

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Is data privacy important to you?

If so, Pebblar is the best travel itinerary maker for you.

Calling all DIY travelers

We have created a map-based itinerary maker based on the real-life trip planning process.
From putting together a trip wishlist to creating a detailed itinerary; from pre-trip planning to on-trip access – all done in one place.
Plan any kind of travel itinerary – vacations, work trips, solo travel or group trips.

pebblar’s map-based planning interface is designed based on the real-life planning process:

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Create, visualise and track your journey on a single, simple map view

Entirely cloud-based to enable real-time content creation and auto-save

1. Build your list of cities

2. Under each city, create your list of saved ideas

3. Create a day-by-day itinerary from your list of cities and saved ideas

Everything you need to plan your own unique trip itinerary

A place to store all your trip ideas

See everything on one map to help you better visualise your trip

Add your own notes (in any language) and photos

If you want to be organised, you can also create a detailed day-by-day itinerary

An Optional Places section for more flexibility

Create your own color labels to categorise your trip ideas

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Pricing Options

We do not sell user data to advertisers.

Pay per itinerary

US$3/ unlimited users

  • Up to 3 cities

Pay per itinerary

US$10/ unlimited users

  • Unlimited number of cities

Monthly subscription

US$9.95/ per user

  • Unlimited itineraries

All new sign ups will receive a 1-month free trial.


“You seriously cannot find a more effective travel planning tool than Pebblar. Gone are the days of screenshots of maps and messy collages of travel notes on maps. Forget about typing up collective itineraries on word, Pebblar is the exciting new tool for effective multi-destination travel planning. It syncs all the useful information internet has to offer perfectly into an easy simple to use App. Brilliant.”

Boutique Resort Operator

"Throughout my day, I am constantly fantasizing about travel in my head. Whether for an upcoming or far-future trip, I use Pebblar to keep track of the cities I want to visit, sites I want to see, restaurants I want to try; and to plan the possible path between locations. Pebblar is amazing for helping me organize my ideas in easy, virtual form."

Chloe Skye

"The Google Maps integration is excellent and we can easily print off a whole itinerary before we leave, or use the app when we get there to help us get around and have a smooth journey. I would recommend Pebblar to anyone planning an upcoming trip."